Would You Stay at DJ Khaled’s Bed & Breakfast?

I really want to stay at DJ Khaled’s Bed & Breakfast. I would just need to get past his Trump-esqe mansion dripping in marble and gold. Only because it seems like it could be a bit hard on the eyes first thing in the AM.

He even dusts his own place!

Think about it: Khaled and I enjoy a full breakfast, prepared by his Snapchat famous Chef Dee, while he shares tips for securing the bag and secrets they don’t want you to know.

That empathetic “I got you” response after his houseguest reveals that he has plugged his toilet is just the most endearing thing!

Khaled just seems like someone you can trust to make you feel right at home.

I would leave that B&B feeling relaxed, enlightened and inspired.

Or how about joining DJ Khaled’s personal fitness class?

Ok so, physically he’s the furthest thing from fit, but the man does understand the importance of eating healthy and staying hydrated (shout out again to Chef Dee). And he regularly produces an endless collection of motivational quotes like a hip-hop Tony Robbins (if Tony tended to throw a bit of slang into his sermons).

In terms of health and wellness, Khaled just may be the mental inspiration you need to make that physical change.


It feels good to get a laugh from TurboTax, in spite of the stress due to tax refunds returning much later this year (yes, you’re not the only one who plans trips, bills, and gifts around that extra check).

In addition to the company’s current television spots featuring DJ Khaled, David Ortiz, Kathy Bates, and Karla Souza, there will be a follow-up 45-second ad that will air during next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Let us imagine what other odd jobs could follow?

Perhaps the Snapchat king has opened a daycare since the birth of his first child back in October? Or maybe he works weekends as a landscaper since he’s so open about his love for horticulture on the app that made him a bonafide social media star.

I look forward to learning more about DJ Khaled’s many side hustles.

This man truly knows the keys to success.



  1. I think that staying there would be luxurious. He is a man who loves his family so I could see him being an excellent host. I am not a needy guest so some food, a comfy bed, and some quiet would be just fine. I bet he has a beautiful garden somewhere on the grounds that I could stroll through as well. All in all, a stay there would be a wonderful vacation although I am sure that it would be pricey!


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