McDonald’s Really Wants a Hit Rap Song

Ok, McDonald’s, you won’t give up selling mystery meat. You won’t give up trying to charge for extra sauce. And apparently, even with a new creative agency, you won’t give up producing Save The Last Dance-era hip-hop-style commercials.

McDonalds and Everest College really need to update their advertising ideas.

The fast food chain recently put all of their eggs into the basket of dedicated Omnicom agency unit, We Are Unlimited (who should think about a name change after this very creatively limited debut).

The new commercial will run during the Grammys, Oscars and Super Bowl pre-game.

According to the press release on the new Super Bowl commercial, this creative is intended to mimic “a hip-hop music video.”

So, the same concept as this McDonald’s commercial from 2003:

Even though we can’t hate too hard since it was written by Pusha T/performed by Justin Timberlake.

And this ad from 2010:

Sometimes lyrics aren’t even needed, just the essence of hip hop:

And it’s not just a U.S. marketing thing either:

I mean, McDonald’s has been using rap to sell sandwiches since 1986:

Veering only slightly to give us this R&B gem from 2008:

I guess if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. But, then why the new ad agency?

Maybe McDonald’s saw the slight spark that “I’m Lovin’ It” gave to Justin Timberlake’s career and have been in pursuit of music industry success ever since…

It’s just that this idea is pretty tired, and us Super Bowl commercial enthusiasts were rooting for you.

We were all rooting for you.


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