How Melissa McCarthy Won The Weekend

Saturday night was an early night for me. I was in bed and sleep by 10 pm.

Around midnight I woke up to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer yelling on my tv.

Immediate panic set in. What the hell has happened, America?!

Took a bit more time to adjust my eyes, realized that war had not yet been waged during my two-hour slumber and that it was Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live.

My body knew to wake me up right on time for this comedy gold.

The hairline, the misdirected anger, the combative tone, the gum chewing, the yelling of alternative facts, the irrational explanations. Pure comedy!

This was the least predictable impersonator and most entertaining SNL skit of 2017.

Everyone was smiling
Everyone was happy
The men all had erections
And every single one of the women was ovulating left & right
And no one was sad

And those are the facts, FOREVER

This is sure to be a reoccurring cameo à la Alec Baldwin playing President Trump.

Just take a second to think about Baldwin and McCarthy as Trump and Spicer in a skit. That’s something SNL needs to make happen, immediately!

Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer.png

After Saturday night’s win, McCarthy had to have already known Sunday night was in the bag thanks to her Super Bowl Kia commercial Hero’s Journey.

Now we go from impressionist Melissa to the more familiar slapstick Melissa.

In the spot, McCarthy plays an eco-warrior called on to ‘Protect the Whales’ then she’s off to ‘Save the Trees’, followed by a quest to ‘Save the Ice Caps’ and lastly ‘Saving the Rhinos’. Her many attempts to conquer these eco-issues are immediately followed by catastrophic events.

USA Today gave the commercial first place in its 29th annual USA TODAY Ad Meter competition. It was also named among Super Bowl 2017’s top commercials on Newsday, Forbes, Wired, and many more media sites.


I was once a fan fretting that I had grown tired of McCarthy’s slapstick style but, this weekend just redeemed her completely.

I’ll be looking out for more wins from her in 2017.


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