Celebrating Yoplait’s No Judgement Zone

Last night, mid-bachelorette episode, I caught the Yoplait Mom On! commercial.

It’s fun, refreshing and spot on… and I think it’s about time to recognize the company for its recent flawless executions in ads targeting parents and kids.

Yoplait first caught my attention with their father-daughter Midnight Snack commercial. I mean, they cast a little girl who looks JUST LIKE Lavender from the 1992 classic film, Matilda, and seems to embody the sassy personality of the youngest daughter, Diane, from ABC’s Black-ish. And if a whispered argument between dad and daughter about “who’s the boss” isn’t cute enough, the cherry on top is that in the full-length version (unfortunately I could not find), she subconsciously inherited her dad’s nerdy mannerisms, expressed in their quiet enjoyment for the late-night snack. It CAN’T get much cuter than that…

Moving on to “Mom’s On” – it’s fun, empowering and celebrates all the different ways women choose to parent as told through each mom’s light-hearted-but-still-don’t GAF declarations.
My personal favorites are the mom who bribes her son because I mean, isn’t that the only true way to achieve optimum cleanliness in the home? What kid is really going to put in the elbow grease if they’re not getting paid to do so? And why as a parent should you clean yourself when you have live-in, rent-free kiddie maids and butlers to do so for you? At least that’s how my mom saw it for me and my sister.
And you’ll probably only receive max $20 to last all weekend
And I love the “think this is too much” outfit lady, who immediately followed the mom in yoga pants. Both ladies are keeping it sexy and healthy, and it’s true, self-care is important to maintain your health, sanity, and confidence because just like the “too much” woman alluded to: doing so is how these many beautiful moms got their kids in the first place 😉
Yoplait Mom On 2.PNG

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